Retrofit, the best option for your engine

What is retrofit?
Retrofit is a process that allows to improve a Turbocharger Engine’s performance, reducing operating costs and fuel consumption. Marriam-Webster dictionary defines it as: furnishing (something) with new or modified parts or equipment not available or considered necessary at the time of manufacture. This process can include the replacement of obsolete operating systems as well as machinery components, in order to:

  1. Prevent breakdowns.
  2. Improve fuel efficiency.
  3. Increase engine precision.
  4. Adapt to new requirements.
  5. Extend lifespan.

Retrofit. Why are they an excellent alternative for improving performance and lowering costs?

The aging of engines or any other machinery has negative effects, specially regarding their performance,

These negative effects will probably increase the operating costs, both for the larger fuel consumption and for the growing need to do more frequent and more expensive maintenance works.

In fact, currently, all businesses that depend on any kind of machinery for their operation and production processes are looking for ways to prevent unexpected shutdowns that imply delays and economic losses.

This is the reason why they carry out routine maintenance services that aim to keep up the efficiency levels in order to reduce any negative impact on productivity.

Retrofit is an excellent solution, not only for sustaining the current performance of any engine, but for increasing them without the need to spend a significant amount of money on new machinery.

For doing this, the specialized technicians carry out in-depth studies and current components to design solutions that allow to:

  1. Improve the engine’s general performance with only small changes.
  2. Reduce fuel consumption.
  3. Prevent any breakdown that results in unnecessary shutdowns.

Through this, organizations that start a retrofitting processes experience:

  1. The capacity to design a better operating planning
  2. Important savings on engine updating.
  3. Savings on maintenance expenses and fuel thanks to increased efficiency.

What is retrofit?