New service Announcement! Maintenance of Charge Air Coolers / Heat Exchangers.

We’re excited to announce that recently, TURBO INTERNACIONAL has launched a new service of great value for our customers, the overhauling, maintenance and repair of Charge Air Coolers / Heat Exchangers.

The service package includes a complete evaluation of the equipment before subjecting it to a thorough cleaning process, consisting of a chemical bath in a product adequate for the coolers material composition, ultrasonic cleaning, and subsequently a rinse. We also extract any damaged studs or bolts, as well as tap and recover the threads.

Additionally, to ensure that it operates correctly, during the quality control process we perform a hydrostatic test on the cooler, confirming that it is suitable to continue its operation.

Finally, a suitable coating of paint is applied, and it is ready to be reinstalled on the engine, improving the heat exchange between the air/mixture and the cooling circuits, optimizing the engine´s performance.

During the overhaul, if we detect that any element of the intercooler is damaged, we will also assess and quote for its replacement or repair.