Turbo Internacional is an independent multi-brand turbocharger service company, solely dedicated to the maintenance, repair & sale of exhaust gas turbochargers.


We are able to service the main turbocharger brands like ABB, MAN, PBS, Mitsubishi, KBB, MTU & Napier, both in our workshops & on site in power plants, offshore vessels & railways.

From scheduled overhauls, retrofits, precise reconditioning to on-site emergency repairs, our highly skilled, resourceful & certified service engineer workforce is able to carry out the most complex or routine tasks, which is always a guarantee of success & peace of mind for our customers.


Having a well-documented workflow in place is a key part in building a relationship of trust with our customers and keeping a professional environment.


In addition to our fully equipped Service Center in Madrid, and two service points in Cartagena and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria sea ports, our global presence consists of strategic cooperation agreements and partnerships for the European, Asian and North American markets, allowing us to provide swift and prompt response times in emergency situations wherever required.


From the initial stages of any maintenance or repair service up to the final stage, our team of professionals keep a strict documented control of each step of the workflow. This allows us not only to maintain highly detailed and transparent communications with our customers, but it also enables us to track the cause of any possible future incident in the process.

We are proud to announce our serious commitment to the environment and our adherence to international standards of quality management, all our supplies, repairs and maintenance are covered by the ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 standards, certified by Bureau Veritas. All of our work flows and material supplies are inspected for compliance with these principals.
We also form part of the prestigious Repro group.

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Uranio, 33
28500 Arganda del Rey
Madrid, Spain
+34 918 720 181