The maritime and energy industry in Panama received a significant boost with the opening of the new specialized workshop for ship and cogeneration turbochargers. This initiative promises to strengthen the infrastructure of maritime and energy services in the country, contributing to sustainable development and efficiency in both sectors.

The inauguration event, held on March 7th, was attended by prominent figures from the maritime, energy, and governmental sectors, as well as representatives from major international shipping companies. During the ceremony, the strategic importance of this specialized workshop in the optimization, maintenance, and repair of turbochargers for maritime and cogeneration applications was highlighted, as these are vital components for maximizing efficiency and performance in ship engines and power generation systems.

Located at ASTIBAL (Balboa Shipyards), the workshop boasts modern facilities, state-of-the-art equipment, and a team of highly skilled technicians ready to provide specialized services to a wide range of clients, from shipping companies and cogeneration plant operators to marine and industrial engine maintenance and repair companies.

During his opening speech, Mr. Angel Valhondo, as Commercial Director, and Mr. Manuel Martin, as Sales Manager of the region, emphasized their commitment to providing innovative solutions and high-quality services to boost efficiency and competitiveness in Panama’s maritime and energy sector.

The opening of this workshop represents a unique opportunity for the country’s maritime and energy sector, offering local access to specialized services in ship turbochargers and cogeneration systems. Additionally, it is expected that this initiative will foster the creation of specialized employment and the transfer of knowledge and technology in Panama.

With the new turbocharger workshop in operation, Panama consolidates its position as a regional hub in the maritime and energy sector, attracting investment and promoting technological innovation in the region.