Last week, during an overhaul of a TPL-65 in our Algeciras service station, it was detected that the diameter of the blades was considerably out of tolerance, affecting the performance of the T/C and engine operation.

The client was offered with the fastest and most economical solution to maintain the operation of the ship without exposing to a high financial outlay for the shaft replacement.

Our technicians repaired the blades in record time, checking by NDT (dye penetrant inspection) all repairing steps, allowing the operation and schedule of the ship not to be affected (container ship = ↓↓↓ berthing time ↑↑↑ high costs), in addition to considerable savings.

Turbo Internacional has exchange units (rotor/cartridge/complete TC, nozzle ring) to minimize equipment downtime and avoid undesired situations and avoidable problems.