The port of Algeciras, located in the Bay of Algeciras, is one of the most important ports in Spain and the Mediterranean. Its strategic importance lies in its geographical location, since it is located at a key point between Europe, Africa and Latin America.

According to the Algeciras City Council “The history of the port has always been linked to that of the city. Since the resurgence of the city, in the first decades of the 18th century, and throughout it, the port of Algeciras was located in the lower course of the river de la Miel. The closest thing to port facilities that existed in that century was a wooden jetty built on its left bank, but which periodically had to be rebuilt as it was swept away by the powerful floods of the river. This lack of infrastructure did not prevent customs duties from being established in Algeciras on June 16, 1742, exempting all merchandise entering for consumption by residents from the payment of almojarifazgo.

Currently, the port of Algeciras is the main port in Spain for container traffic and one of the most important in Europe in this regard. In addition, it has a wide variety of port services, such as the transport of bulk goods, vehicle transport and passenger transport.

This port infrastructure has been designed to adapt to the needs of deep-draft ships, allowing it to receive the largest ships in the world. It also has modern technologies for the control of maritime traffic and the management of port operations, which guarantees the efficiency and safety of operations.

On November 30, 2022, the Port of Algeciras received megaship number 1,000 since this type of container ship with a capacity for more than 16,000 TEUs began to sail the seas at the end of 2013.

According to the port authorities themselves, “behind these 1,000 stopovers there is a public and private commitment that more than a decade ago was ahead of time to provide the docks with drafts, fenders and cranes capable of operating effectively. So much so, as the president of the Port of Algeciras, Gerardo Landaluce, has recalled, that today, the Port of Algeciras is one of the favorites to scale for the captains of large ships, according to the perception indicators that are periodically collected from the APPBA”

Furthermore, this port remains the most efficient in Europe, as clearly stated by the Container Port Performance Index 2021: a comparable assessment report on container port performance, published by the World Bank and S&P Global. The study focuses on two aspects: statistics and administration, methodologies that the authors consider complementary in adjusting the real performance of a port as a whole.

In addition, the port of Algeciras is an important connection center between Europe, Africa and Latin America, which makes it a key element for international trade. Its strategic geographical position makes it an ideal transshipment point for the transport of goods between these regions, which has boosted its economic growth and its relevance in the international arena.

This is why the port of Algeciras is a key port infrastructure for international trade and the Spanish economy. Its strategic location, its ability to adapt to the needs of the largest ships in the world, and its wide variety of port services make it a reference port worldwide. Its future projection is very positive due to the important investments that have been made to improve its infrastructure and services, which guarantees its growth and development in the future.

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